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We need your help. The Emerald Ash Borer has invaded Rattray Marsh Conservation Area.

The emerald ash borer is an invasive beetle that’s quickly killing off Ontario’s ash trees. They destroy 99.9 per cent of ash trees they contact and then move on to areas with more ash trees. Unfortunately, they have moved into Rattray Marsh Conservation Area – a natural oasis in the middle of Mississauga.

In fact ash trees make up 80 per cent of those forests and most of the beautiful mature trees along the boardwalk. They’re important to the animals that live in the marsh and they’re important to us.

Ash Trees make up 80% of the forest at Rattray.

Emerald ash borer are a serious problem for Rattray Marsh.  They’re relentless. They won’t stop until each and every ash tree at Rattray Marsh has been destroyed. 

Can you imagine Rattray Marsh with 80% less forest cover? We can, and it frightens us.

Credit Valley Conservation and Credit Valley Conservation Foundation want to protect as many ash trees as possible and plant new trees for the future. We’re able to save healthy and unaffected trees by inoculating them against the harmful effects of the emerald ash borer. Inoculations and tree planting will preserve the forests at Rattray Marsh Conservation Area. We’re doing what we can with the funds we have but your help is deeply needed.

You can give and make a difference. Your generous gift will help save the ash trees that we can and plant new trees for the future.

Our goal is to raise $25,000 this year.

A gift of $100 will result in four new trees planted at Rattray Marsh.

A gift of $200 will save a mature ash tree by covering the cost of inoculation for two years.

This works out to only 27¢ a day to save one ash tree.

Together, we can ‘save our ash’